AWOM gala.


wearing a cherry pie headpiece by the incredible Caroline Thomas and a custom tulle skirt by Iselle Bridal Studio.


thank you for the invite beautiful Ariel! More about the AWOM Foundation here.

i can’t begin to express how much I love these CtotheLine headpieces. they’re fucking insane. like floating pieces of art on your head. caroline was the sweetest and really worked with me so I could get them in time. i have my eye on this one AND this one too.


we had a momentary lapse of reason and almost wore these matching floral dresses. it fit katherine like a glove, it was meant to be that she wear it. xo!

doodad and fandango.

it’s too late to order these beauties for art miami/basel this year, BUT I definitely want to add them to my collection! i’ve been a fan of doodad and fandango’s kitschy and edgy work for years, their earrings being my favorite. they’re lightweight, HUGE and really well constructed. xo!

suck it meh * glitter nips

neon yellow with the out net.

the out net has been my not so secret place for all things neon for the last 10 years. with bright things on the horizon for fall, adding a sprinkle of this color to your autumn wardrobe is ALWAYS a good idea! i will be busting out this skirt and these high waisted trousers very soon. will you be wearing any neon for fall?

no makeup makeup.


with all the smoke and heat the last few weeks, i've really kept my daily makeup routine simple and protective. my favorite, milk makeup foundation in light and no blush blush by perricone md. both products contain spf 30 and feel incredibly light. xo

l'academie polka dot set.

we had a very exciting time in Basel, Switzerland back in june. we were there specifically for art basel, and stayed in the sweetest town about 20 minutes outside of the city. the small town of arlesheim ended up being a treasure in and of itself; i enjoyed it even more than the art show. i'll post more on that later in my journal.

i love packing sets/separates on trips like this because i can wear the pieces together for maximum impact, or pair the tops individually with denim, or conversely, the bottoms with a simple white crop top. this l'academie set was my best-loved of the trip. find the top here and the skirt here

here are a few more of my favorite sets, please reload the page if you can't see to shop!

there's also a ton more over at revolve, as this was my one stop shop to prepare for our trip. xo! 

peach and gold shimmer.

hi! this is the face i've been wearing in the hot, dry CA heat. it's light, bright and easy to do. i've been using the skin iceland nordic peels on the reg now thanks to katie jane hughes. they feel incredible and really prep the skin for makeup. since this look consists of creams mostly, i use a fan to dry each layer before applying the next. it really helps the product adhere to my skin and prevents degradation of the layers. next i use a generous amount of embryolisse cream concentrate. (all the products are linked at the end of the post!) this shit is some real magical sorcery. every year the pilgrimage west from south florida dries the fuc out of my skin. this stuff undoes the damage. after the em. cream absorbs, i apply my milk makeup sunshine skin tint. (if i were going be spending the afternoon out, i'd add an additional sunscreen under the skin tint, i have a few that kill it under makeup... that will be for another post.) this is a super buildable formula, so go crazy, i'm wearing shade light, and focus on my cheeks because they get super red. #irish i then add tart shape tape in light just to the areas directly west and east of my italian nose. i love this step and think it just brightens your face beautifully and makes your cheeks look big and plump. after that sets i gild my lids and a few other high points on my face with the milk gold foil. i then re-redden my cheeks with milk cheek tint in perk, and clean up few shiny spots with unpowder. lastly i apply a tarte water based lipstick in shade sundaze. the application is sloppy, so i loosely clean up the edges and leave them a bit blurred. (i don't usually wear mascara; in the photos i'm wearing tarte gifted, because that's the ONLY ONE I WILL WEAR, but in the video i forgo that step to give my lashes a break.)

what are your fav products to get through these sweltering summers that feel like we're dwelling within the balls of the devil? i don't see this heating trend ending anytime soon, but that's for another post on another blog.  xo.

please excuse my background; we're prepping our house to renovate and it's a shit show. 

please email me if you have any questions about these products! i use and love each and every one.

natasha denona mini sunset palette.


i am really impressed with the quality of these pigments. this was a very casual application for daytime,  i'm excited to try a more dramatic evening look with the same colors! 

i used the shimmery red and copper shades.

goop x lilly pulitzer

top, lilly pulitzer. skirt, goop x lilly pulitzer. i love this collaboration. the pink and white print is super vibrant in person. i chose the skirt so I could pair it with various white crops to suit the season. 

banana earrings, shine design via the museum of ice cream, miami.