Sunday, March 29, 2015


tee, jcrew.

hi. i am certifiably the world's worst blogger. i've open and closed countless blogs on topics such as art, cooking, yoga, style, palm trees, bunnies and the... list ...goes on. i suppose i like the idea of blogging but not the actual maintenance of a blog. i started posting outfits on my art blog back in 2009. i felt like a big asshole back then posting what i was wearing on the internet, so i stopped. i opened this blog a few years later, but have kept it mostly private. i still feel like an asshole posting  what i'm wearing on the internet, but since everyone else is doing it...

this will not be a lifestyle blog, (a genre that baffles me) while i enjoy the style in which i live my life, it is very specific to me. i don't purport to be an expert on life styles in general and therefore won't be blogging about them. i am just going to post what i'm wearing and what i'd like to be wearing in the future. simple. think bright colors, bunnies, all kinds of dresses, prints and all the neon. i will not "dress for the blog," a mistake many a blogger makes and it looks silly. these are outfits i actually wear and the photos will be as good as I can do on the particular day. there's no time for photo shoots. this is not my job; this is fun. thanks for visiting.

a few things about me:

* i was raised in upstate ny, my whole family (save for my dad)
still lives there.
* i've been painting since i was a kid, and i have it no where near figured out
* my best friend erin and i almost died the first time we hung out. we both slipped into a ravine and had to use tree roots to climb out. we were 14.
* i once filtered drinking water from a puddle of mountain goat piss. i then drank it.
* i love love love stephen king
* i have only a few items of black clothing. they're both t-shirts my husband gave me
* rush is forever my favorite band; i almost dumped a guy in high school for making fun of Geddy's voice. (ok not almost, i did)
* dancing (ballet, modern, belly) is my favorite and i sometimes wish i had been a dancer. it's never too late though, i just recently started classes again.
* i don't enjoy writing.
* bunnies are the bomb. i got my first at age 12, his was a netherland dwarf named boskovitch. i really loved him.
* yoga has saved my life many times, so have white russains (the drinks). balance people.
* that's it for now i guess. writing is hard.